nearly completed the re-wire up at meersbrook (S8) just waiting for the kitchen fitters to get stuck in now, its been an awkward job with not being able to take the upstairs floorboards up but thats how it goes, i suppose if it was all easy it would be rather boring :)


finally got the go ahead after the kitchen fitters and got that job at meersbrook finnished, spent the last two days at a house in handsworth (S13) where they have removed a kitchen wall leaving switches and sockets hanging, all sorted now, i'll go back there after the plasterers have been in.

tomorrow first fix on a kitchen in the wisewood area (S6) nice and local, should be 1 - 1 1/2 days work, i'll let you know how that goes.


the job in wisewood took 1 1/2 days as expected not too bad. been over in huddersfield (HD9) today doing the first fix for a kitchen which needs new fuse board, new cooker circuits ect, there tomorrow as well, bit of a treck buts its all work.


done the first fix in huddersfield (HD9) another one waiting for the plasterers now, looks like i have got a couple of days off now, unless i get another call that is.